Privacy Policy

Rene.E Laboratory Ltd. devotes itself to protecting your privacy. We only collect your personal information for specific purposes. As an obligation, we would by no means disseminate or share your personal information. We may share your information with excellent cooperative partners, who has long time been adhering to the principle of protecting your privacy. We promise your personal information would not be sold in any form.

What kind of information do we collect? What do we use this information for?
When you place an order on our website, information such as your full name, email address, mailing address, phone number, credit card number and due date of your credit card etc. is mandatory. Such information is mainly used to complete the transaction, and help us provide better support and service for you.

How do the third party credit card processing organizations protect customer information?
Rene.E Lab connects to RegNow and other third party credit card processing organizations via security server, It sends personal information to us after encrypting personal information of all customers, including name, address, credit card number and credit card due date etc.. Encryption is used mainly to prevent malign usage of your personal information by others.

RegNow and Share-it
RegNow and Share-it are advanced software registration/payment providers. Rene.E Lab uses them to provide safe and fast online shopping service for you.

Newsletter Registration
If you choose to register on Rene.E Lab Newsletter Delivery, we will send you a validation email, so as to confirm your request and avoid any unnecessary email. Your email address is confidential, which is only used to send you DCD or special announcement. You could also cancel your subscription at any time.

Any donation via PayPal is encouraged and appreciated, for we would obtain more money to continue developing software. We will receive your email address as well as other information from Papal, without any information related to your credit card.

About Cookie
In order to understand which service is valuable for our customers, we use “cookies” to record your identification information and other information like password, favorites and purchase history. Cookie is a kind of small-sized text document written from website to your hard disk driver. It could enable us to know if you have returned to website server. Cookies could not execute codes or transmit virus.

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